American BioCare | www.ambiocare.com

American BioCare is a platform entity focused on distinctive health care services providers converging on the treatment of chronic, debilitating conditions in the home. The company’s goal is to provide world-class medical, skilled, therapy and personal care services in the most comfortable and cost-effective settings to a broad customer base in the United States. Operating success is driven by superior patient outcomes and service quality, prudent labor and cost management and developments in back office systems technologies. American BioCare is based in Troy, Michigan.

Conger & Elsea | www.conger-elsea.com

Conger & Elsea (“C&E”) provides compliance auditing and risk assessment consulting, along with governance training to the energy industry and government regulatory agencies. The Company assists corporate clients in identifying non-compliant regulatory procedures or actions and what steps are needed to regain compliant status. C&E also advises regulatory clients and has trained National Regulatory Commission inspectors since 1986 in their methodologies and techniques. C&E is often enlisted by the NRC to assist in conducting compliance inspection audits on utilities. Conger & Elsea is based in Woodstock, Georgia.

Crown Products & Services | www.crownps.us

Crown Products & Services (“Crown”) specializes in the formulation and application of proprietary specialty chemicals involved in the handling of various raw materials for the coal, steel and utility industries. These chemicals are used by Crown customers to facilitate raw material handling during seasonal challenges such as freeze conditioning in the winter and dust mitigation and spontaneous combustion suppression year round. The company is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

ESP | www.espei.com

ESP is the leader in energy intelligence and has protected the reliability of digital equipment for over twenty years. ESP’s patented power protection technology and diagnostic software enables service based businesses to protect equipment from the disruption and downtime caused by power anomalies. The company’s product portfolio includes award winning industrial-grade protection that has been proven to improve the performance of equipment, microprocessor intelligence and diagnostics that pre-diagnose power related service calls, and energy management innovations that reduce energy consumption. ESP is headquartered in Zebulon, North Carolina.

Medical Modalities | www.medicalmodalities.com

Founded in 1987, Medical Modalities (“MMI”) supplies home medical equipment to patients throughout the southeastern United States. MMI offers wound care, electrotherapy and orthopedic equipment to expedite patients’ rehabilitative needs. The company specializes in technologically advanced orthopedic and physical therapy equipment, with the aim of helping patients avoid invasive procedures. MMI is committed to providing specialty medical solutions that will promote faster healing and enable independence in patients. The company is based in Concord, North Carolina.