Lenox Equity Partners Overview

Company Overview

Lenox Equity Partners, LP (“LEP”) was established to support management teams in acquiring lower middle market companies. We provide debt and equity capital to executives and businesses whose prospects for long-term capital appreciation are significant.

We have assembled an outstanding group of individual Limited Partners (“LP”) who assist in sourcing transactions, participate in assessing investment opportunities through seats on the investment committee (on a rotating basis), take seats on the Boards of portfolio companies and most importantly mentor our management teams.

LEP seeks transactions in the $10 million to $50 million enterprise value range with EBITDA of $1 million to $5 million. Most industries are considered, but the focus is on manufacturing, distribution, healthcare and business services.

LEP only invests in late-stage, mature companies. We will not make investments in start-up operations or companies with significant technological risk of obsolescence. The focus will be on privately-held entrepreneurial companies as well as corporate orphans. LEP’s equity investments will be control-oriented; however LEP also has the ability to provide mezzanine debt in non-control situations.

Investments made by LEP will consist of common equity, preferred equity and mezzanine debt. We will also provide bridge financing to companies in order to facilitate a more expedited closing. The transactions are structured using conservative leverage and management teams invest alongside LEP. Management teams will have an opportunity to earn additional equity through performance incentives. We plan to hold investments for three to five years and require both voting and Board control.

Our LPs have senior level experience at large corporations and several have been through a private equity cycle from investment to realization. Many of the LPs have prior industry experience that dovetails with the sectors that LEP is pursuing.